Monday, July 31, 2006

Temporarily Insane

I am going crazy. I've recently been updating all the hundreds of albums and thousands of songs on my computer. It's crazy, I'm ridiculous, help me.

I used to use this file name format : track - artist - song title
Now I've switched to this format : track - song title

For example a song that is currently named 05 - Long Winters - Bride and Bridle needs to be renamed to simply 05 - Bride and Bridle. And I have over one hundred albums to go, and it's not an easy or fun task. It's rather boring. It's what I expect a data entry position to be like. Oh well, at least I get to listen to music while I'm doing this. Otherwise I really would be crazy.

As soon as my file server gets back to working [down for a full week now, rubbish] I'll post some music. Until then, chill out.

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Daulton said...

I recently had one of those fun days of organizing the whole music library. Having to convert everything to AAC format, singling out all the duplicates and deleting them, and correcting all the messed up song titles like that, and then backing everything up to the external HD. Those are some fun days. But when you have a large library its necessary.