Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clint Mansell

So awhile ago I posted these songs because literally everyone I know was asking about them. Well it only takes a second to google and wiki it and then I figured I would share it here. Especially considering all of my previous links have been killed by the old file host that I was using.

I posted the preview for the movie Sunshine, below, for two reasons. The first being that it contains the song Lux Aeterna (Lord of the Rings Remix). This remix of Lux Aeterna (originally a song on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack) has come to be the quintessential preview song. If you watch movie trailers you'll recognize this song instantly. And you've probably asked all of your friends, "what is that song?!". Anyway, the second reason is because I really wanted to see this movie. Unfortunately I live in a little bit of nowhere here in the States and the movie never played on a screen close to here. I guess I'll have to wait for the dvd to come out.

mp3 : Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna
mp3 : Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna (Lord of the Rings Remix)
mp3 : Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna (Full Orchestral Remix)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rilo Kiley

Well it looks like Rilo Kiley is all growns up now. Using a new, and somewhat eccentric, mix of psychadelic throwback disco with other noise that appears to hail from Yeah Yeah Yeahs it's apparent that Rilo Kiley has come a long way from dancing the frug. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of this metamorphosis, but it is what it is. I'll let you decide how much you like their sound now.

mp3 : Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up
mp3 : Rilo Kiley - Dejalo
mp3 : Rilo Kiley - Frug

08.30.07 - Nouveau Casino - Paris
08.31.07 - Academy 2 - Birmingham
09.01.07 - Connect Music Festival - Inveraray, Scotland
09.02.07 - Electric Picnic - Stradbally
09.06.07 - Warfield Theatre - San Francisco
09.07.07 - Crystal Ballroom, Lola's - Portland
09.07.07 - MusicFest NW - Portland
09.08.07 - The Showbox at the Market - Seattle
09.10.07 - David O. McKay Events Center - Orem
09.11.07 - Ogden Theatre - Denver
09.12.07 - Jesse Auditorium - Columbia
09.13.07 - Sokol Auditorium - Omaha
09.14.07 - First Avenue - Minneapolis
09.15.07 - Riviera Theatre - Chicago
09.17.07 - Royal Oak Music Theatre - Royal Oak
09.18.07 - The Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto
09.19.07 - Cabaret la Tulipe - Montreal
09.21.07 - Avalon - Boston
09.22.07 - Webster Hall - New York
09.23.07 - Webster Hall - New York
09.25.07 - The Trocadero Theatre - Philadelphia
09.26.07 - 9:30 Club - Washington DC
09.27.07 - 9:30 Club - Washington DC
09.28.07 - The Orange Peel - Asheville
09.29.07 - Variety Playhouse - Atlanta
10.01.07 - Revolution - Fort Lauderdale
10.02.07 - House Of Blues - Orlando
10.04.07 - Republic New Orleans - New Orleans
10.05.07 - Warehouse Live - Houston
10.06.07 - Palladium Ballroom - Dallas
10.07.07 - Stubb's Bar-B-Q - Austin
10.09.07 - Rialto Theatre - Tucson
10.10.07 - Marquee Theatre - Tempe
10.12.07 - SOMA - San Diego
10.13.07 - The Joint - Las Vegas
10.15.07 - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium - Santa Monica

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave : noun - a random, enormous ocean wave that sometimes travels at an angle to prevailing seas.
Rouge Wave : noun - a kickass band with a mellow side and a new album available fro preorder on their website. Oh, and they're also playing Conan on September 19th. So set your Tivos or DVRs, cause they'll be sure to bring the noise.

mp3 : Rogue Wave - Chicago X 12
mp3 : Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

Or you could get out and catch an upcoming show.

Sep 09 @ 8:00pm Flynn Theatre Burlington, VT
Sep 11 @ 8:00pm Ram's Head Baltimore, MD
Sep 12 @ 8:00pm Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA
Sep 13 @ 8:00pm Carnegie Music Hall Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 14 @ 8:00pm Messiah College Grantham, PA
Sep 15 @ 8:00pm Michigan Theater Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 10 @ 8:00pm The Casbah San Diego, CA
Oct 11 @ 8:00pm El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
Oct 12 @ 8:00pm Bimbos San Francisco, CA
Oct 15 @ 8:00pm Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
Oct 16 @ 8:00pm Neumo's Seattle, WA
Oct 19 @ 8:00pm Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO
Oct 20 @ 8:00pm The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS
Oct 21 @ 8:00pm Waiting Room Omaha, NE
Oct 23 @ 8:00pm 400 Bar Minneapolis, MN

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Jose Gonzalez

We bloggers seem to drool over Jose and his style of music. I can't really pin down just why it sounds so good other than that it has a certain road ready [weary] feel that makes me want to jump in a car and drive west. Or rather just drive. On one hand, when I listen to Mr. Gonzalez, I feel the need to nod my head to the groove. On the other hand it feels like the music I would play over a nice slow motion scene in the new indie film. Something about a guy, running through an airport, in slow motion, with this music in the background. I think it would make everyone cry. I'm even crying a little bit right now just thinking about it.

mp3 : Jose Gonzalez - Killing for Love

Jose Gonzalez's new album comes out September 25th. You can probably find it on the internet, at Amazon, or on shelves on that day. Cheers.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

John Hiatt

Well, we are undergoing some changes here at The World Forgot. The most notable being that we finally went legit, bit the bullet so to speak, and bought our own domain name. We'll hopefully be migrating over to that new platform soon, but not right today. There are still decisions to make such as Movable Type vs WordPress or cerulean blue versus indigo violet. Trust us though, we will be making this blogging experience more enjoyable. Please have a little faith in us.

For some reason I really love this song. It's a classic to be sure and it's also a shame that it hasn't achieved much more love in its time. We only thought it appropriate to list this song as the very first song with our new service and we only hope we can find another suitable song to mark the launch of the new page.


mp3 : John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith In Me


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Email Loving, Updates

Hey loyal readers, looks like we'll be doing some updating [read: spending money] here on the site tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have the download fiasco all worked out and there won't be any more of the ridiculously confusing, not to mention horribly ugly, triple download method. It was fun while it lasted but it just doesn't work. Or look good.

Hopefully by tomorrow some of that will have changed.

In other news we recently received this email from a loyal reader.
I accidentally stumbled upon your blog when searching google for Ryan Adam's cover of Wonderwall. The first thing I read was "We don't listen to bad music, and neither should you."

I don't know who you are or where you're at, but you listen to AMAZING music. I wish that more people could find your blog and download the music that you post. This is the music that gets me through my rough days and good days... more people need to appreciate the amazing Indie/Emo/ and just plain Rock bands that are not getting the mainstream credit they deserve.


Thanks for the email Chad. We tried to email you back but, well, who knows if you got it. If anyone would like to contact us, send us free schwag, or just say how awesome we are you can reach us at

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter was brilliant on his album The Animal Years. Especially upon listening to his previous efforts. One begins to realize that he has progressed a lot through his long and tangled history, but it also leaves one scared for the future. It's hard to capture genius twice. Even Dylan, who at times Ritter seems to imitate, had some songs and albums fall flat.

Here to stand against the doubt and the fear is a brilliant song off of Josh's album which dropped yesterday. Honestly it's amazing, and if this is any indication as to what the rest of the album sounds like then we're in for quite a treat. Quite a treat again.

Mp3's are now brought to you from three sources. Pick your poison.

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [right click, save file as, bandwidth very limited]

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [yousendit, no direct download, bandwidth limited]

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [gigasize, file available conceivably forever. open link in a new window or tab and follow their simple directions to download.


Radiohead : Repost

Well thanks for proving our popularity by continually crashing our bandwidth allowances. It seems that no matter where we go we just can't seem to fit. If you want to help you can follow this referral link and sign up for a free account. That would help us a lot.

Since our last post promptly crashed our account here's the Radiohead track posted again.

mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [hosted on gigasize. you must left click this link or simply right click and open in a new window. you cannot download this file directly.]

mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [hosted on yousendit. this link will work for a limited time.]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Good day to you all, you fair weather fiends. It is odd how friend and fiend are so closely related in the English language. Look at them, total opposites yet only one letter separates the two. Ah, bugger.

Speaking of good Britain, I refuse to use great before the term Britain anymore. I also refuse to call it the great Wall of China. Even Chinese people simply refer to it as the Long Wall. Nothing really great about it.

But speaking of Britain these boys from across the pond seem to be taking a bit longer than normal to spin out their next disc. New estimates have it being dropped early 2008 although rumours can hardly be trusted. To tide you over here's a little gem of a track that I found floating through the interwebs earlier this week. Enjoy the Radiohead.

mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [right click]
mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [left click or open link in new window/tab]


Monday, August 20, 2007

Important Notice About Downloads

Hello everyone, we're currently operating under a new file host and as such we're allowed 500 MB of bandwidth per day. This counter is reset every single day so the best time to download individual tracks would be just after the counter is reset, allegedly 12 midnight EST. We can neither confirm not deny that this works best.

But fear not if the downloads are stalling or not working. Rest assured that in the future all postings will provide two access points for downloading so that if one is used up, the other shall remain. If only we had any money, this wouldn't happen anymore. Sigh.

Cheers, and read on.


Prom - A Walk Through

A new day rises, a new file host has come around, and this wee little blog begins afresh. Also today, a frequent reader Josh, begins his college career. And in his honor we're hosting the last mix he threw together and emailed us. He made a little compilation as a gift for his girlfriend in anticipation of Prom. Some of it's a bit sappy, but he designed it as a walk/listen through of all that Prom night would entail. Enjoy the music.

Prom - A Walk Through

zip file : this is the place to get all tracks in one easy to go package. please note that with this link you must right click and open in a new window or a new tab. you cannot, repeat cannot, download directly from this link.

mp3 : The Kinks - Picture Book
mp3 : The Killers - Where the White Boys Dance
mp3 : Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
mp3 : Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance
mp3 : Modest Mouse - Dance Hall
mp3 : Acid House Kings - The Boy Still Dances
mp3 : Colin Meloy - Dance To Your Daddy (Shirley Collins Cover)
mp3 : All American Rejects - Dance Inside
mp3 : The Double - Up All Night
mp3 : The Kinks - Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens - Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version)
mp3 : The Weakerthans - Our Retired Explorer (Dines with Michel Foucault in Paris, 1961)
mp3 : Foo Fighters - New Way Home
mp3 : Jon-Rae and the River - Goodbye
mp3 : Will Smith - 1,000 Kisses (Feat. Jada) (Radio Edit)

A thousand thanks to Josh for emailing us a copy of this mix. Maybe some of you will follow suit, our email is inconspicuously located up there on the left. Also, we're glad to see Will Smith rounding out the list. Quite the artist.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kanye West : Just a Litte Repost

Well my friends, the time has come to buck up and begin blogging again. There has been far too many days spent in lackadaisical ways and it simply cannot go on. In other news I was thinking of starting a Non-Profit Organization. Except it would be very unorganized, indie, grass roots, or some other appropriate word amalgamation.

Cheers, enjoy the repost which might actually work now that it's on a new file host. Here's to BOXSTr and their new service. And also, here's to hoping I don't kill my 500 MB per day of bandwidth.

[What follows is a repost from two weeks ago, if this works then I'm sure we'll be updating more frequently from here on out. Just got the best album of 07 in advance. Think The Weakerthans, and think amazing. I mean honestly, they have an entire song about curling. Get excited.]


"Someone tell these ____ who Kanye West is."

Honestly the best song of the summer. It's Hey Ya meets Crazy with a whole lot of attitude. And honestly, Kanye West is one of the only true talents in hip hop anymore. Who else is taking old Daft Punk tunes and rhyming over the top? That's right, no one.

mp3: Kanye West - Stronger


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fileserver Troubles

I've been informed by my fileserver, Filexoom, that they are busy moving all files over to new, faster servers. In the transfer time some of the old files will be down and out but they assure me that things will be back up and running soon. As soon as they get their act together we'll start posting more new music.

Until then you can always download our mix albums in their entirety by using the links that direct you the zip files. This will enable you to download the entire mix album in one meaty chunk instead of downloading each file individually.

Cheers, we hope to be up and running soon.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kanye West

"Someone tell these ____ who Kanye West is."

Honestly the best song of the summer. It's Hey Ya meets Crazy with a whole lot of attitude. And honestly, Kanye West is one of the only true talents in hip hop anymore. Who else is taking old Daft Punk tunes and rhyming over the top? That's right, no one.

mp3 : Kanye West - Stronger