Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All Things New Again

I apologize for being absent now for two weeks. I don't mean to justify this short break, but I would like to explain it.

At the beginning of this past May my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from what amounted to a massive heart attack. October 21st would have been his 50th birthday. I guess I've been down and out for awhile due to the fact that he's not around on what really amounted to his special day.

I miss him incredibly, and I don't yet know what life looks like without my father.

In lieu of posting a song for you all to enjoy I thought I would take this opportunity to link you to some fine blogs that I frequent.

An Aquarium Drunkard - Any blog that references Wilco in their title deserves my attention. And I also happen to like the graphic layout as well. They update pretty much every day, and I usually like what they're offering.

Bows + Arrows - I too share an indescribable passion for all things Walkmen. They post a little more randomly and usually included two or three songs per post. Almost all of them are download worthy.

Cable and Tweed - I don't know when I began reading this blog, but I've enjoyed most of everything they've put up. The picture of Lloyd Dobler is getting a bit old, but it's the music we're all after. Oh, and they reported on the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie. Yes. Movie.

Gorilla vs. Bear - I love their site layout, I love their graphic header, I love most of the music they talk about. If those three reasons aren't enough to get you to click the link then I'm not sure what more to do. [oh, and they were name dropped in a rollingstones article]

The Late Greats - I stumbled on this blog while looking for some rare tracks. And let me tell you, this little blog is a gold mine for rare and live songs. It's simply amazing. You could probably download every song they've ever uploaded and still be amazed.

You Ain't No Picaso - One of the best and most prolific blogs on the nets. The reason I actually started blogging was because of this blog. The information presented is always fresh and new and the music is outstanding. An all around brilliant blog.


Friday, October 13, 2006


They describe themselves as "having folksy pastoral elements." What they sound like is brilliance form across the pond. As is apparent by previous posts and downloads I tend to have a penchant for bands from across the pond. Or bands from Iceland. Fields has both elements combined into one new-folk cross-continental sound that can't easily be described. Obviously.

As with most music it is best to be heard, not talked about. Currently Fields have one EP to their credit but if is a foreshadow of surely greater things to come then you can expect a lot out of this little London based band. After all the first tracks were put down with only about six weeks of rehearsal under their belt.

mp3 : Fields - Song for the Fields
mp3 : Fields - Brittlesticks

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Incredible Mouth Band

You need to see this video. Watch it immediately. As in now.

Towards the end, when they enter the 'guitar solo' and 'shredding' part of the song, I laugh every single time. Maybe I'm a nerd who thinks this is hilarious. Maybe it really is funny. Watch and decide.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Brad Paisley

Country music gets almost no play on music blogs. None. I searched hype for Brad here and found only one time that he had been mentioned in a blog. I wonder why that is? I wonder why bloggers don't seem to like country music. Or is it that they don't seem to care to blog about country music? Either way there's not much of it to be found around here. The closest thing is maybe some Uncle Tupelo or Folk Implosion, or Johnny Cash, but not tried and true country music.

My wonderful girlfriend told me to check out this song and as a good boyfriend I gladly obliged. I'm not particularly fond of the sound of the song. It's a bit too mainstream country sounding for my blood. I seem to prefer my country music to be very fringe, very alternative, or to have been sung by great men who have since passed away.

But this song has a good story. It's Brad singing about his wife Kimberly and it's nice to know that in the music world there are marriages and families that take their relationship seriously. So it's the story behind the music that gets my vote on this song, the lyrics are great. And it's a sweet song about love.

mp3 : Brad Paisley - She's Everything

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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Do I keep posting mixes only or should I return to my old format of sharing one artist at a time? It's a tough decision. I can either dump thirteen tracks once a month or I could share a different artist every two or three days.

And recently there's begun to be a lot of new readers here at The World Forgot. And I do hope to keep you entertained. So you tell me, how should I continue?

And while you think upon this momentous decision feel free to enjoy a song.

mp3 : DeVotchKa - Venus in Furs

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'll be gone for a week. And I haven't really had a chance to upload any new music for you all to enjoy. While I'm gone check out the links on the left side and explore some music on myspace. Find your fix elsewhere.

Oh, and for those of you that buy digital music online, stop using iTunes. I am serious. Use this new site, you will not be disappointed. Seriously. Trust me. It's much cheaper with a ton more options.