Monday, October 09, 2006

Brad Paisley

Country music gets almost no play on music blogs. None. I searched hype for Brad here and found only one time that he had been mentioned in a blog. I wonder why that is? I wonder why bloggers don't seem to like country music. Or is it that they don't seem to care to blog about country music? Either way there's not much of it to be found around here. The closest thing is maybe some Uncle Tupelo or Folk Implosion, or Johnny Cash, but not tried and true country music.

My wonderful girlfriend told me to check out this song and as a good boyfriend I gladly obliged. I'm not particularly fond of the sound of the song. It's a bit too mainstream country sounding for my blood. I seem to prefer my country music to be very fringe, very alternative, or to have been sung by great men who have since passed away.

But this song has a good story. It's Brad singing about his wife Kimberly and it's nice to know that in the music world there are marriages and families that take their relationship seriously. So it's the story behind the music that gets my vote on this song, the lyrics are great. And it's a sweet song about love.

mp3 : Brad Paisley - She's Everything

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