Sunday, November 26, 2006


Broc Stanage is the creative influence behind indie folk outfit Forgather. His myspace page is sparse, simple, and yet there is an elegance to be found in the minimalist nature of it all. And that's really what defines his music. Simple stories, complex points of narration [on his latest song he portrays Meriwether Lewis writing letters to President Jefferson], and great acoustic folk sounds.

He sounds incredible, and with a proper studio and production Broc could easily fit in on such labels as Asthmatic Kitty or the newly formed The Apple Union.

mp3 : Forgather - Wallace Gentry
mp3 : Forgather - Song About A Dream
mp3 : Forgather - April 1995
mp3 : Forgather - Letters of Pardon

check out Forgather on myspace
check out the latest Forgather interview in Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette


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