Friday, December 15, 2006

Seven Days of Sufjan : part 5

Everything this man plays is golden. Here's a clip of him playing Chicago; a simple and yet stunningly beautiful song.

I'm not sitting at my own computer right now so I cannot honor the comments I received yesterday with extra Sufjan songs right now. But fear ye not, I am a man of my word and tomorrow I will upload some extra rare tracks from the man who once called Michigan his home. For today I am posting a track that I'm not sure anyone else has put online yet. Probably because it's an instrumental track that's rather short and rather simple. But it's precisely these musical interludes that make Sufjan who he is. These musical leftovers are what flesh out his albums and give us all a reason to actually buy full albums instead of settling for single song downloads.

mp3 : Sufjan Stevens - O Come O Come Emmanual

[note, the spelling of the song is not a typo]

[the next post will contain some bonus tracks, thanks for the comments]

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