Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elvis Perkins

Another day has passed and another post has barely squeeze through the information gauntlet to find its way to this page.

Today I bring you Elvis Perkins, again with no picture, for your listening pleasure. I'm up early this morning because I have a horrible cough that makes it almost impossible to sleep. I'm groggy and bored and it's rather chilly in my room so I'm keeping this post short.

This song has a nice little folk guitar quality to it and I guess I would parallel Mr. Perkins work with that of Damien Jurado or Asher Lev. Download the song and enjoy.

mp3 : Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping


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Chris Nelson said...

This sounds good.. I've been listening to some of its kind for quiet a while now, but this is an A+. Please check out my music/lyrics site and tell me what you think - www.mylyricscentral.com