Sunday, January 28, 2007

Joseph Arthur

I've had a slight infatuation with Joseph Arthur since I first discovered his artwork, mainly paintings and mixed media. It was later that I realized his talent as a musician easily eclipses his talent as a painter. But I reckon both forms of creative expression feed each other.

This song is off of Joseph Arthur's latest release, Nuclear Daydream, and it's contains all the classic sounds of a typical Arthur song. And I really like the repetition of the lyrics "I'm no longer who I was, no longer who I thought I was." According to this song, time is moving on, and so am I.

mp3 : Joseph Arthur - You Are Free

[sorry for the lack of pictures and the lack of links to buy the music. as of now the internet access is still limited at best here in asia and i cannot upload photos or access amazon.]

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Marissa said...

You write very well.