Monday, March 05, 2007

Well, We're Back

After touring the land of smiles, Thailand, for the entire month of February The World Forgot is finally back at a place where internet is easy to come by and uploading of songs won't cost three or four dollars each.

In other news I think I might be part of the reason my fileserver crashed. After uploading multiple copies of new and live versions of Arcade Fire songs my fileserver bombed out and has been down for over a month now. Hilarious yes, pain in the neck yes, do I care, no.

Anyway, expect new music to start showing up here. Especially form Paolo Nutini, Jamie T, The Good The Bad & The Queen, and various other artists. Who knows, maybe even some Take That, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Simon Webbe will make their mark upon this page.

Let's hope everything gets running smoothly again. And as always you can reach me at

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