Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We here at The World Forgot are currently working on revamping the experience you get when you somehow wander into our webspace. If you'll notice on the left bar there are a few new blogs listed in "Friends and Lovers" and we finally have an email contact posted, even if it's only a freebie. Hopefully loads of new things will be popping up periodically over the next few days but you'll have to cut us some slack as we've been busy celebrating St. Patty's Day, birthdays, and the now worldwide phenomenon of March Madness.

Business will continue to carry on even while we take a moment to collect ourselves and reshape this little place we call home.

Until next time make sure you listen to the newest Arcade Fire disc. It's brilliant and the songs "Keep the Car Running," "(Antichrist Television Blues)," and "The Well and The Lighthouse" are tunes we all seem to love over here.



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