Thursday, April 05, 2007

Half-Handed Cloud

For the one hundredth post here on The World Forgot we're featuring an artist that, like this post about him, keeps his artistic endeavors surprisingly short yet refreshingly intricate. He writes about abstract ideas, awkward moments, and the glories found in all thins normal. And he pulls it off with a silly sense of seriousness that leaves you wanting more, and more, and more at the end of each song.

mp3 : Half-Handed Cloud - Animals are Cut in Two
mp3 : Half-Handed Cloud - Can't Even Breathe on My Own Two Feet
mp3 : Half-Handed Cloud - Feed Your Sheep
mp3 : Half-Handed Cloud - We're Very Greatly Loved



1 comment:

skinnywhiteboy said...

nice - I Like his stuff. any chance of fixing the last 2 files?