Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Brightest Diamond

When Asthmatic Kitty first signed My Brightest Diamond I was, to be honest, highly disappointed in their decision. But something happened to me over the past few months and for whatever reason the sound represented by My Brightest Diamond has begun to grow on me. It has somehow slipped into my heart and become something that I will put on in the car, on a long drive, as it slowly forces me to reconcile all the melancholy of my personal life with the gorgeous sounds emanating from the stereo.

And as if her first album with Asthmatic Kitty wasn't enough, Shara Worden took a break from creating new music to remix everything she had done up to that point. A trend that is rapidly catching on with new indie acts and up-and-comers looking to avoid a sophomore slump. As well as those just looking to make their music danceable. In the end there's catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and now a throbbing beat behind a lot of the music. And all of that adds up to something we should all enjoy.

mp3 : My Brightest Diamond - Freakout (Goldchains Remix)
mp3 : My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star (Alias Remix)
mp3 : My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End




Glen said...

I caught her show last night in Memphis. She opened for The Decemberists, and while they both rocked, I liked her act better. The energy she puts into her live performance -- and the sheer enjoyment on her face on stage -- showed me a side of her music that breaks the heart with playfulness too.

tranthegirl said...

Could you re-post Something of an End? That tune has really clung to me. Your link no longer brings it up. Pretty please, with a cherry atop.

billy said...

i'll see if i can find/repost it. sorry for the broken links. stupid interweb.