Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shapes and Sizes

While Googling this band I got quite a laugh at one of the hits on the front page of Google. Let's just say that it was a website all about finding your correct bra size and we'll leave it at that. All that aside Shapes and Sizes have a very unique, and quite eclectic sound. They might qualify as an acquired taste, but that's only because their songs can be so varied and schizophrenic within a five minute run time. For a quick example of what their music might look like in a visual representation you don't have to look any further than their website's first image. It's a table full of pictures of the band members which produces this slightly awkward, yet structured and highly artistic, vision of the group. I feel like that's what their sound is like too. A bit of hodgepodge, a dash or so of completely random creativity, but overall a sense that they are in control of the sound they produce. And that sound is something to be experienced.

mp3 : Shapes and Sizes - Islands Gone Bad

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