Sunday, June 24, 2007

We're Not Dead We're Just Busy

Hey all readers, we've been getting some amazing emails from you all wondering where we're off to, what we're doing, and if we're giving up on this blog. And verily we say unto you, we are not done. We're not dead. We're just busy.

Everyone is out and about enjoying this globe that grows smaller with each passing day. Some are in the States, some are travelling to Korea, some are probably sleeping right now. We can never really be sure.

Expect more later.

For now, this is all you get.

mp3 : Bang Gang - Something Wrong



Droll_SteVan said...

man, get out the big K and get back on your blog.

Anonymous said...

How many people actually write for this blog? It always says the posts are from the same person. You always talk about other people, but there has never been a post by anyone else.

billy said...

it's one person, being ME. sometimes i adopt the "we" pronoun to keep people guessing.