Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kanye West : Just a Litte Repost

Well my friends, the time has come to buck up and begin blogging again. There has been far too many days spent in lackadaisical ways and it simply cannot go on. In other news I was thinking of starting a Non-Profit Organization. Except it would be very unorganized, indie, grass roots, or some other appropriate word amalgamation.

Cheers, enjoy the repost which might actually work now that it's on a new file host. Here's to BOXSTr and their new service. And also, here's to hoping I don't kill my 500 MB per day of bandwidth.

[What follows is a repost from two weeks ago, if this works then I'm sure we'll be updating more frequently from here on out. Just got the best album of 07 in advance. Think The Weakerthans, and think amazing. I mean honestly, they have an entire song about curling. Get excited.]


"Someone tell these ____ who Kanye West is."

Honestly the best song of the summer. It's Hey Ya meets Crazy with a whole lot of attitude. And honestly, Kanye West is one of the only true talents in hip hop anymore. Who else is taking old Daft Punk tunes and rhyming over the top? That's right, no one.

mp3: Kanye West - Stronger


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Anonymous said...

I hate tell ya, but 'the world forgot' that Busta Rhymes had a song called "Touch It" that sampled Technologic by Daft Punk.

Stronger is a better song by far, the concept is not as fresh as you think.