Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Good day to you all, you fair weather fiends. It is odd how friend and fiend are so closely related in the English language. Look at them, total opposites yet only one letter separates the two. Ah, bugger.

Speaking of good Britain, I refuse to use great before the term Britain anymore. I also refuse to call it the great Wall of China. Even Chinese people simply refer to it as the Long Wall. Nothing really great about it.

But speaking of Britain these boys from across the pond seem to be taking a bit longer than normal to spin out their next disc. New estimates have it being dropped early 2008 although rumours can hardly be trusted. To tide you over here's a little gem of a track that I found floating through the interwebs earlier this week. Enjoy the Radiohead.

mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [right click]
mp3 : Radiohead - 15 Step (Live) [left click or open link in new window/tab]


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