Thursday, September 06, 2007

Franz Ferdinand

I first heard of this delicious group when, believe it of not, I saw The Thrills, Phantom Planet, and Stereogram play a little show north of Indy. For some reason they were handing out little Franz Ferdinand flyers at the door and it served to pique my interest a bit.

Now that was all years ago. Before the 'nand hit it big both in the states and elsewhere. Before they sold out shows and jet setted around the globe, buying pints of milk and going out for a smoke every now and then. That was also years before they took a Gwen Stefani staple dance tune and made it their own. Pay special attention to the way they incorporate some brilliant Billy Idol lyrics into the end of the song. It's glorious.

mp3 : Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani Cover)

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