Monday, June 26, 2006

Springsteen does Seeger

Springsteen brought everything to Mr. O'Brian

First of all, who here knew that Conan O'Brian could play guitar? Apparently he really is the jack of all trades of late nite. Far and away he's been the best all around late nite host over the last five years, but this time he took his game to another level. He invites a musical act on the show, and then plays guitar with them.

Now, granted, Bruce Springsteen has everything but the kitchen sink already in the band, but it's still impressive to see America's most loveable red head bouncing around and enjoying some folk revival music.

And folk revival is what the 21st album by Springsteen is. The story is that Springsteen has had a long love affiar with Pete Seeger's music and for this special recording session the Boss decided to do things a little different. He invited a ridiculous amount of New York musicians out to his farm house in Jersey with the sole purpose of jamming for a couple of days just to see what they could find. What they found was fifteen reworked Pete Seeger songs that now have a decidedly Springsteen slant to them, as well as a new, more lively, possibly even more urban sound to them. The entire album is good fun, although if you're looking for classic Springsteen this is the wrong album to buy.

Brought to you by YouTube are the two songs that this amalgamation of artists brought to the Late Show. Look for both Jimmy Fallon and Conan in the band, it's a rare treat.

Pay Me My Money Down
Bring Em Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam)

So, I guess this is what Jimmy Fallon has been up to since he wrapped filming Taxi?

Also, Culture Bully has the songs posted as mp3's if you'd care to take them to go.

Buy this album on Amazon for just 11.88

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