Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goodbye Ghana

Brazil vs. Ghana

Ronaldo scored his record setting 15th World Cup goal in the early stages of the match against Ghana on a breakaway that for an instant made us all forget how overweight and terrible he looks on the field. From this point on Ghana clearly outplayed and outhustled the lethargic and defensive minded Brazilians. Brazil simply did not appear to have any of the football magic we're all addicted to, instead they looked flat and boring, much akin to the stereotypical German teams of the last decade.

Ghana on the other hand looked simply brilliant. Even though they couldn't seem to find the back the of the net, their passing was inventive and crisp, their runs were clean, and for the better part of the match the pro-Brazil crowd seemed to begin rooting for the underdogs to upset their all star cast. Honestly, who in the world wasn't rooting for Ghana at some point during this game, they simply play great football.

But to Brazil went the victory, and to Brazil I turn for a slice of music.

mp3 : Seu Jorge - Starman (David Bowie Cover)

This song hails from The Life Aquatic soundtrack.
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Spain vs. France

I know the match has yet to begin. I also know that the Spainiards are heavily favored to win, but I just cannot find it in myself to rule out the plucky Frenchmen. Henry has lived up to they hype and mystique that surrounds his name and Zidane is looking at the last international appearance he'll ever have. I'm predicting a high scoring, fast paced game for this evening's match. Final score France 3, Spain 2.

We all know that what this World Cup still needs is a genuine upset. Ghana had their shot today, but so far all the favorites are still cruising; Brazil, Argentina, England, Germany, Italy. Honestly the only team that should still be in the tourney that isn't is the Netherlands who were ousted largely due to horrible officiating.

In honor of their impending victory I salute you France

mp3 : M83 - Unrecorded

This song can be found on the album Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, which just might be the best thing to come out of France since the Statue of Liberty.
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