Saturday, July 29, 2006

Over the Rhine

Linford and Karin are the names of this too serious looking couple which makes up the group Over the Rhine. Hailing from the mean streets of Cincinnati they've been making gorgeous Midwestern folk pop for the last fifteen years. At times intensely introspective their music finds a way to touch your heart and get you to really think about what's most important in your life.

While on tour in 2003 Karin and Linford did just that. Their marriage was faltering and they opted to quit their summer tour and retreat back home for a little bit of time alone. The story goes that they bought two cases of wine and each evening a new bottle was opened. Every night they would sit up and talk over this bottle of wine until it was gone, some conversations went quick, some took all night. And in they not only strengthened their marriage but they had begun to put together one of the most tragically beautiful albums of 2005, Drunkard's Prayer.

The highlight of this album, for me, is the song Born which autobiographically details the journey they took alone together in the fading light of 2003.

mp3 : Over the Rhine - Born
mp3 : Over the Rhine - Flown Free

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Daulton said...

very nice. I check here everyday now for new tunes. Born is indeed a great song.

Jon said...

Glad to see OtR getting their due here in ye olde musik blog.
"Born"--definitely one of my songs of spring05, as you well know.

Anonymous said...

I discovered OtR only a few weeks ago. Can't believe they have been below my radar for 15 years. Wonderful stuff.