Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All Things New Again

I apologize for being absent now for two weeks. I don't mean to justify this short break, but I would like to explain it.

At the beginning of this past May my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from what amounted to a massive heart attack. October 21st would have been his 50th birthday. I guess I've been down and out for awhile due to the fact that he's not around on what really amounted to his special day.

I miss him incredibly, and I don't yet know what life looks like without my father.

In lieu of posting a song for you all to enjoy I thought I would take this opportunity to link you to some fine blogs that I frequent.

An Aquarium Drunkard - Any blog that references Wilco in their title deserves my attention. And I also happen to like the graphic layout as well. They update pretty much every day, and I usually like what they're offering.

Bows + Arrows - I too share an indescribable passion for all things Walkmen. They post a little more randomly and usually included two or three songs per post. Almost all of them are download worthy.

Cable and Tweed - I don't know when I began reading this blog, but I've enjoyed most of everything they've put up. The picture of Lloyd Dobler is getting a bit old, but it's the music we're all after. Oh, and they reported on the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie. Yes. Movie.

Gorilla vs. Bear - I love their site layout, I love their graphic header, I love most of the music they talk about. If those three reasons aren't enough to get you to click the link then I'm not sure what more to do. [oh, and they were name dropped in a rollingstones article]

The Late Greats - I stumbled on this blog while looking for some rare tracks. And let me tell you, this little blog is a gold mine for rare and live songs. It's simply amazing. You could probably download every song they've ever uploaded and still be amazed.

You Ain't No Picaso - One of the best and most prolific blogs on the nets. The reason I actually started blogging was because of this blog. The information presented is always fresh and new and the music is outstanding. An all around brilliant blog.



Rich said...

Ha! I yanked Lloyd just in the last week or so. I was tired of him too. He's sweet and all, but he was kinda clingy.

Anonymous said...

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