Wednesday, November 01, 2006

EA Mix vol 7 - Oh, Where Have We Gone

01 : Joseph Arthur - Can't Exist (Live) : Joseph Arthur is one of the best ten artists who will never be famous. He's smooth, many of his songs are instant classics, and the man creates some of the weirdest paintings I've ever seen in my life. This is a gorgeous track and to hear it stripped down and live is amazing. I would love to see one of his shows.

02 : Akron/Family - Gone Beyond : I'm still not sure what to think of this band. Are they nu-folk? Are the easy listening? Do their songs even make sense to the band? I'm not sure if this one track can answer these question, but it's a great start to the Akron/Family sound.

03 : Ben Folds - Still : Ben Folds will always be a musical genius in my book. I mean let's be honest, the man takes even Elton John and improves upon it. About a year ago Ben set down to do something, musically, he had not attempted before. And that was to make the soundtrack for the film Over the Hedge. There are a couple of great songs off of that soundtrack but this one stands out with the classic Ben Folds sound.

04 : Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale : In the past I haven't been the biggest fan of Tori. And I'm not really sure why. There are just some artists that always get associated with a sound that you don't like. And for too long I think I was lumping Tori Amos in with Fiona Apple, whom I rather dislike. But all those years of ignorance are now washed away with this gorgeous and melancholic ballad. Kudos to my friend Cole for introducing me to this song.

05 : Bishop Allen - Like Castanets : There is a certain quality about this song that is inescapable. Something inside of me craves more music like this. Music that is light, fun, interesting, and ultimately builds upon itself with harmonies, layered instruments, and clever lyrical twists. If I had to quantify Bishop Allen I would place him halfway between Sufjan and Beirut with a light Mediterranean quality to his sound.

06 : Now It's Overhead - Let Up : Years ago I came up with a classification of people that could best be described as "brooding romantics." They weren't hopeless, they weren't carried away, they believed in true love yet they realized that the odds were stacked against them ever finding it. And now I have found the iconic group to sing their emotions to the world. Simply gorgeous music.

07 : The Hidden Cameras - The Waning Moon : It seems like one 'out-there' band somehow makes it onto every mix I make. In the past it's been bands like Applejack or Wolf Mother and on this slice of nirvana it's The Hidden Cameras. Maybe I lump all of these bands together because of their excessive use of layered vocals or toy instruments, but whatever. It's a good song, and it's nice to take a lighter turn, in both sound and lyrics, after the broodiness of Now It's Overhead.

08 : Old 97's - Question : I love this song. It's a wonderful little story and they explain so much with so few words. It's really what's left unsaid in this song that makes you think. And I enjoy that quality of the Old 97's. [crap, now i'm back to hopelessly romanticising everything]

09 : Alela Diane - Pieces of String : At one point in this song the lyrics read "I'd have a choir of little children sing along." And during that line there is literally a choir of little children backing up Ms. Diane. And as amazing as that is, mind boggling really, the rest of the song is heartbreaking and thought provoking. It's subdued and sets the perfect mood for a looking out your window into the rain.

10 : The Decembersists - The Crane Wife 3 : Alright, I'm finally giving in to the hype surrounding this album. Apparently it's the bee's knees my friends. And I'll admit that it is good. But I will not go ahead and give it best album of 2006 just yet. What about Josh Ritter, the Killers, Robyn Hitchcock, or Ray LaMontague? Yeah, I can't just go handing out best of the year before this year is finally come to an end. All that being said, this is a superb song.

11 : Zach Williams - Maybes : Zach continues to amaze me. And he's been amazing some of my friends out in NYC lately as well. Apparently the man puts on an incredible and personable show. If anyone has the chance to catch him live please please please make an effort to get out and see him. He continues to impress with the offerings on his myspace page and mark my words, Zach will be huge.

12 : The Blind Boys of Alabama - I Shall Not Walk Alone : I'm not Catholic, nor will I ever be, but there's something about the imagery of Mother Mary that is so righteously comforting. Whether it's the Beatles or the Blind Boys singing about her, songs with Mary in them always seem to bring comfort and hope to my heart. I needed this song during the past two weeks and I'm glad to be able to share it with you now.

13 : Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter : Sufjan is going to dominate Christmas on his way to taking over each and every one of the fifty states. It's hard to believe that music this poetic and this wonderful [written largely with Christmas and winter in mind] has sprung from the heart of someone who used to hate Christmas music, especially carols. This November watch for Sufjan to drop a 5 EP box set with around 50 selections, some originals like 'sister winter' here and some reworkings of old classics. This man is brilliant. [and this song proves it]



Jon said...

As with Amos, I think you could be persuaded to like Apple if given the right songs. I have two or three in mind that I think are Billy-esque.

Hope you've heard Ms. Amos's version of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' too.

T said...

hey buddy...just checking out your musical selections while at the office desk. especially enjoying the ben folds track, haven't heard anything from him in a while. here's to kids soundtracks from great artists. the curious george album makes me feel like i'm 6 and happy again.

tell belle kell that i appreciate the brad paisley tune as well. no matter how "mainstream" or unoriginal country may seem at times it almost always comes across as genuine and believable. i can dig that. hope all is well brother. praying for you through good times and bad.