Friday, December 01, 2006

EA Mix vol 8 - Fix Me Now

I'm still not sure why I titled this mix "fix me now" although maybe at the time I was working on this slice of music it was a cry for help. I've been dealing with a lot lately. I think that's all that needs to be vomited here.

So below is the mix. Bowing to popular opinion I have decided to upload the mix as a single file download. The individual songs are still available here, but if you want to just snag them all at one time I've supplied that link as well.

download : EA Mix vol 8 - Fix Me Now

01 : Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Acoustic) : This song is great in any format. Their last two albums have both been solid efforts and it's always refreshing to hear a band present their material in a new way. This version is raw, one take, maybe even one track. However it was recorded it's a great way to start mix 8.

02 : Jude - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) : This cover reminds me a bit of JD Natasha's cover of Outkast's 'Hey Ya' just without the backing orchestra. It's bouncy, it doesn't really take itself seriously, and Jude comes across like a better version of Jason Mraz. Maybe that's because he actually has talent.

03 : Zach Williams - Push : Yes, I might have a slight infatuation with Zach Williams. I think the man is brilliant and just waiting for his turn to play for a larger audience. This song starts slow and rapidly develops into something amazing. I simply love the line "I was wondering how long, how long it'd take for you to notice, I can't look you dead in the eye without losing time." Danceable.

04 : Get Set Go : I Hate Everyone : Just to clarify, I don't hate everyone. Most people I actually like, or can at least get along with. But apparently Get Set Go has some anger issues, maybe a bit of latent bitterness towards something. This song reminds me a bit of Weezer a la the Pinkerton era. A tad silly, a dash of melancholy, and catchy licks.

05 : The Weepies : World Spins Madly On : "I woke up, and wished that I was dead, with an aching in my head. Thought of you, and where you'd gone, and the world spins madly on." The process of the end has never been something easy to swallow, but it's also never been this beautifully told either.

06 : Josh Garrels - Answer in Love (Live) : So much of this song comforts my heart at times when all I can do is try not to think. Josh is again in the studio attempting to what amounts to copious loads of new music. His hope is that at the end of the day he'll have written so many songs that he can hand pick only the best for his new album. If there's even one as great as this song he'll have no problem moving the merchandise.

07 : Elefant - Why : I can't decide if this group fits into a genre like ska/punk or eighties revival. Maybe they're more a ska/punk band who's only one keytar away from achieving pure eighties glory. No matter what type of sound or genre they were attempting to hit in this song it's still a good pop song. Straight forward, it is what it is, and it's worth hearing.

08 : Gary Jules - Something Else : It seems as if Gary Jules is back in the spotlight after his biggest song [his cover of Tears for Fears' - Mad World] was used in a tv ad for Gears of War. This is original Jules writing, and the man has some talent, even if the sound behind the words is a bit oldschool.

09 : Matt Costa - Astair : I need to do a feature just on Matt Costa. His latest album is easily worth downloading from allofmp3, or maybe even from some other overpriced proprietary garbage software program that will remain unnamed. All hateration aside this song is good acoustic folk, which is Matt Costa's bread'n'butter.

10 : Lindsey Czechowicz - Escape : Probably the hardest name ever to type on a keyboard. I hereby move to change her stage name to LC. It's hip, the letters actually stand for her name, and it's easier for the kids to say. I think I have something against musical acts that use difficult to pronounce, spell, file, or remember, names.

11 : The Killers - Why Do I Keep Counting : Yes, the second song I've featured off of Sam's Town. And I know many people out there are still sad that The Killers deviated from their original glam pop sound. But listen to this entire song. It's larger than life, it's [gasp] a new direction for them, and it's definitely heavily influenced by The Boss. "Help me get down, I can make it, help me get down." "And if all our days are numbered then why do I keep counting?"

12 : Joseph Arthur - Enough to Get Away : On this song it feels as if Joseph Arthur is actually mashing up his older material with the best of Belle and Sebastian. Basically it's any indie kids dream. All of his newest album, Nuclear Daydream, is worth a listen. Mr. Arthur continually makes impressive indie pop music, and he's a, how should I say this, dedicated painter as well.

13 : Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (Acoustic) : Yes it's official, according to Billy Corgan and Myspace at least, the Pumpkins are back together and are recording a new album which is due out summer of '07. It just felt natural to end this mix on a classic from one of the greatest rock bands that the States have ever produced. Here's to hoping that Billy and crew stick together, get along, and keep away from drugs.



Mycapaciousbottega said...

Read your post on Hype not picking up on your posts and just wanted to say it might be sorted out now as I found you through the recently updated link on there.

Ta for the toons :)

Super D said...

"Jude comes across like a better version of Jason Mraz. Maybe that's because he actually has talent."


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

I was out searching for Chasing Cars, and found your blog, along with lots of other great music and great writing.

"I've been dealing with a lot lately."

I'm sorry. I hope it all gets better for you.

Happy Holidays, and thanks again.

Take care,
~ Ash