Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mr. Stevens is All The Rage

Every so often I conform to the adage "give the people what they want." In other words I sell out for page loads. After all, if I average 600 hits a day for the rest of my life I'll make almost 20 dollars a year in ad revenue. And that's worth it to me. If I wasn't Dutch I wouldn't be much.

Ok, enough of that. I really just wanted to post some rare Sufjan Stevens Tracks. That's really all I'm doing these days. And if it keeps the hyperactive indie kids happy [and leaving comments] then it really is worth my time. Enjoy the music and have a happy Christmas.

mp3 : Sufjan Stevens - God'll Ne'er Let You Down
mp3 : Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People



Species 8472 said...

You got ME here. Though maybe you should add some thanks to these blog/mp3 aggregator things...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rare mp3s. They're great

Josh said...

Me too. Thanks. Happy Christmas.