Saturday, January 20, 2007

Damien Rice

Well, while I wait for the underwater fiber optic cables to be repaired, not to mention my fileserver is going through some allegedly massive overhauls, I'm relegated to posting short little rants about worldwide internet and how thoroughly bad their service is.

All that aside I might have found a loophole to jump through for the next couple of weeks. And that loophole is ye old Yousendit. I'm old enough to remember when Yousendit was the king of the hill, before upstarts like Gigasize, MyDataBus, and Filelodge [etc. etc. etc.] undercut their user base.

Anyway, I'm not even sure if I posted this song before. In some trick of the twentieth century I'm not able to post to my blog but I can't view it. It's really rather hilarious. But as funny as that may be this song is not. It's Damien Rice with his partner in crime Lisa Hannigan singing their own special rendition of Silent Night. I know Christmas is long gone, but this song is worth a listen at any point in the year.


mp3 : Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan - Silent Night

note : above file is hosted on yousendit and will only be available for a short time


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