Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's New, What's Forgotten

Sometimes when we post here at The World Forgot we do so for no reason other than that we were all bored and couldn't think of anything more entertaining to do. In fact it was this boredom that led us to the new site design. We hope you like it.

Lately we've been reading a lot of magazines. Loads of them really. Spin still holds a place dear to our hearts. It's the magazine that we grew up on musically and it helped us realize, during university, that there are other niches outside of our own. Then of course there's RollingStone, the music magazine that we all love to hate, and hate to admit that we still read. We here have relegated reading RollingStone to bathroom time only as it seems most appropriate in that setting. Then there's relative newcomer to the music magazine scene, Paste. Sure they've been around as long as Norah Jones, but that's a touch less ancient than other publications. Easily the more literary of the magazine trifecta it's a great place to discover music and enjoy literature. In fact, to quote them, they're a magazine that has realized "that people don't stop caring about music after they graduate from college." Kudos to your magazine and your sampler discs, Paste, they really are something special.

Then there's all the work we've done around here. If you take a minute and notice we've changed our template a little, tweaked the coloration, and in a few days we might even throw a graphic up there in our header. We also finally caught on to the social bookmarking craze that has spread like wildfire across the new internet. And although we chose not to include the entire ridiculous list of such sites in our sidebar [look right] we did select those with whom we felt the most beneficence. We might change our minds in the future, but for now we've elected to keep the bookmarking links out of individual posts. Most posts here are scattered and random enough without a billion little links cluttering up the lower portion.

Finally it comes time to include all the blogs that are now in our list of Friends and Lovers [see left bar]. These are a list of blogs that we read regularly, sometimes discuss, and frequently enthusiastically agree with. Chances are, if you're reading this entire post, you probably read their posts as well. Here's to those blogs who have lent us inspiration and good music along the way. An Aquarium Drunkard, Bows + Arrows, Cable and Tweed, Crown Dozen, Good Weather for Airstrikes, Gorilla vs. Bear, I Guess I'm Floating, The Late Greats, My Old Kentucky Blog, Songs:Illinois, Stereogum, You Ain't No Picasso, and Who Killed the Mixtape.

Well, that's enough blathering to erase at least ten minutes of boredom. Now it's off for a group viewing of Sergio Leone's classic "Once Upon a Time in America." Which is about four hours of wonderful.

More music is coming, fear not.


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