Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wilco and Billy Bragg

So just the other night, in fact almost immediately after posting about how terribly sad Joni Mitchell is, a friend left me a comment which led me to listening to this older song by Wilco and Billy Bragg. She had this to say about the song. "Okay, now listen to me and don't, I repeat DO NOT, go read the lyrics before you hear the song I am going to tell you to listen to. It will ruin the experience for you. But it's amazing. It will make you fall in love and you won't even know with what. You'll love it."

And she was right, I do love the song. So after some careful searching here it is, for you to enjoy. Maybe you'll fall in love with something too.

mp3 : Wilco and Billy Bragg - One by One


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