Saturday, May 19, 2007

EA Mix vol 01 - Sounds for You to Hear

The World Forgot is nearing our first birthday. We've come a long way from our first post. In fact we've come along way from that first mix album we threw together and emailed [and in some cases actually mailed] to our close friends. Now it's been almost a full year since this little blog was created and what once started as just a space to host our series of EA Mix albums has grown up into something a little more sophisticated. At least we hope it has.

In honor of this upcoming milestone, as well as the fact that EA Mix vol 10 was just completed, we thought it would be nice to go back and re-release all of our old compilations. There's some great music on these nine albums and we hope you enjoy them all.

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EA Mix vol 01 - Sounds for You to Hear

zip file : open link in new tab or window to snag them all at once

mp3 : Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, IL
mp3 : Album Leaf - Eastern Glow
mp3 : Death Cab for Cutie - What Sarah Said
mp3 : Brand New - Play Crack the Sky
mp3 : Damien Rice - Eskimo
mp3 : Dashboard Confessional - Living in Your Letters
mp3 : Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On
mp3 : John Vanderslice - Trance Manual
mp3 : Mae - The Everglow
mp3 : Magnetic Fields - I Don't Really Love You Anymore
mp3 : Mates of State - Goods
mp3 : Matt Pond PA - Closet (Look Out)
mp3 : Nada Surf - Do It Again
mp3 : Phantom Planet - California (no whistling)
mp3 : Pinback - Syracuse
mp3 : Rilo Kiley - With Arms Outstretched
mp3 : Sigur Ros - Gong



Anonymous said...

Judging from your playlist there, I think we'd be happy riding in each other's car or swapping Ipod's. Nice mix!

The World Forgot said...

actually... it would probably take a huge leap of faith [as well as a completely free 80GB ipod] to get me to ever use a music product designed by apple.