Thursday, May 17, 2007

Regina Spektor

Well we're officially back from our globe trotting. Everest was and shall ever be a completely shattering experience. Simply shattering.

While we were gone our in box was having a small party of it's own. Receiving new music, promotions, an interview request from a German music magazine, and other various and sundry items.

Included in this e-mess were some submissions by a guest writer here on The World Forgot. This is one of his posts and we thank Josh for sending it on over. If anyone else would like a guest spot [and a quick shout out] just email us what you think and we'll either throw it up here and rebuke you or let your words stand on their own.

Anyway, here's what Josh thinks. "This song reminds me of what a new immigrant to America would tell their grandchild who has never left the country. It is a warning for everyone who is of good health, with the last line of the chorus being in Russian. Then at the 2:28 marker, the Grandmother has run out of English to talk with and begins to lecture in pure, beautiful, forbidding Russian. I imagine a child standing, terrified, yet not understanding a word, with their foreign grandmother ranting. Then when the grandmother is joined by another intimidating adult around the 4:00 mark, they probably wet themselves a little."

mp3 : Regina Spektor - Apres Moi



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can you please repost the song?