Wednesday, May 23, 2007

EA Mix vol 03 - Swedish Pop Covers Rock

Welcome back for vol 03 of the EA Mix series. This little gem was originally compiled and released about eleven months ago and is partially comprised of some wonderful artists from Labrador Records as well as the best cover songs that were then on the market.

Listen to good music.

EA Mix vol 03 - Swedish Pop Covers Rock

zip file : this is the place to get all tracks in one easy to go package. please note that with this link you must right click and open in a new window or a new tab. you cannot, repeat cannot, download directly from this link.

mp3 : Dntel - (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan
mp3 : Feist - Mushaboom
mp3 : The Radio Dept - Why Don't We Talk About It
mp3 : Jose Gonzalez - Crosses
mp3 : Chasing Dorotea - The Anchor Song
mp3 : Laurel Music - No One Wants Forever
mp3 : Douglas Heart - Dream
mp3 : Sambassadeur - Between the Lines
mp3 : Rachel Yamagata - Reason Why
mp3 : Sia - Breathe Me
mp3 : Johnny Cash - Hurt (NIN Cover)
mp3 : Ryan Adams - Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
mp3 : Johnette Napolitano and Danny Lohner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)
mp3 : Ted Leo - Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson Cover)
mp3 : Natasha - Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)
mp3 : The Killers - Mr Brightside (Thin White Duke Remix)
mp3 : Snow Patrol - Run (Live)

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