Monday, August 27, 2007

Jose Gonzalez

We bloggers seem to drool over Jose and his style of music. I can't really pin down just why it sounds so good other than that it has a certain road ready [weary] feel that makes me want to jump in a car and drive west. Or rather just drive. On one hand, when I listen to Mr. Gonzalez, I feel the need to nod my head to the groove. On the other hand it feels like the music I would play over a nice slow motion scene in the new indie film. Something about a guy, running through an airport, in slow motion, with this music in the background. I think it would make everyone cry. I'm even crying a little bit right now just thinking about it.

mp3 : Jose Gonzalez - Killing for Love

Jose Gonzalez's new album comes out September 25th. You can probably find it on the internet, at Amazon, or on shelves on that day. Cheers.

+ his site myspace

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Andrew said...

Really good track. Can't wait for this album to hit the shelves.