Friday, August 24, 2007

John Hiatt

Well, we are undergoing some changes here at The World Forgot. The most notable being that we finally went legit, bit the bullet so to speak, and bought our own domain name. We'll hopefully be migrating over to that new platform soon, but not right today. There are still decisions to make such as Movable Type vs WordPress or cerulean blue versus indigo violet. Trust us though, we will be making this blogging experience more enjoyable. Please have a little faith in us.

For some reason I really love this song. It's a classic to be sure and it's also a shame that it hasn't achieved much more love in its time. We only thought it appropriate to list this song as the very first song with our new service and we only hope we can find another suitable song to mark the launch of the new page.


mp3 : John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith In Me


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