Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter was brilliant on his album The Animal Years. Especially upon listening to his previous efforts. One begins to realize that he has progressed a lot through his long and tangled history, but it also leaves one scared for the future. It's hard to capture genius twice. Even Dylan, who at times Ritter seems to imitate, had some songs and albums fall flat.

Here to stand against the doubt and the fear is a brilliant song off of Josh's album which dropped yesterday. Honestly it's amazing, and if this is any indication as to what the rest of the album sounds like then we're in for quite a treat. Quite a treat again.

Mp3's are now brought to you from three sources. Pick your poison.

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [right click, save file as, bandwidth very limited]

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [yousendit, no direct download, bandwidth limited]

mp3 : Josh Ritter - To The Dogs or Whoever [gigasize, file available conceivably forever. open link in a new window or tab and follow their simple directions to download.



Andrew said...

I just saw him open for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Pretty good performance, really enjoyed his stuff.

billy said...

glad to hear he plays a good live show. i would love to see him.