Thursday, August 23, 2007

Email Loving, Updates

Hey loyal readers, looks like we'll be doing some updating [read: spending money] here on the site tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have the download fiasco all worked out and there won't be any more of the ridiculously confusing, not to mention horribly ugly, triple download method. It was fun while it lasted but it just doesn't work. Or look good.

Hopefully by tomorrow some of that will have changed.

In other news we recently received this email from a loyal reader.
I accidentally stumbled upon your blog when searching google for Ryan Adam's cover of Wonderwall. The first thing I read was "We don't listen to bad music, and neither should you."

I don't know who you are or where you're at, but you listen to AMAZING music. I wish that more people could find your blog and download the music that you post. This is the music that gets me through my rough days and good days... more people need to appreciate the amazing Indie/Emo/ and just plain Rock bands that are not getting the mainstream credit they deserve.


Thanks for the email Chad. We tried to email you back but, well, who knows if you got it. If anyone would like to contact us, send us free schwag, or just say how awesome we are you can reach us at

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Anonymous said...

They aren't really a loyal reader if they just stumbled upon your site. Once. They may not have ever come back.

billy said...

josh, you suck